80’s and 90’s Party

Take you back into time with the best pop & dancemusic of the 80’s and 90’s! ** The fact is we know how to do it. Events which we organize will stay in your memory for years “UnderGround World” itself is an unfailing source of impressions, memories and possibilities.

Full Moon Party

We’re carrying on the biggest (beach) party to hit World, for years Full Moon has been the epicenter of in/outdoor parties in World and we’re continuing to get bigger and better. join the fun of our Full Moon Parties of UnderGround.World! Dance the night away with UnderGround.World live entertainment !


extreme radical underground events Malice.XXX

A dutch based label

A dutch based label in the styles of tomorrow! We are a label with the next generation of artists from all over the globe, bringing the music to you. BunkerZ.nl #BNKRZ2020



Chew it well, and drink lots of liquids while eating it, to keep those little suckers moving to your stomach. wikipedia


Mezcal, Tequila & Worm

The worm we’re all thinking of actually belongs in a bottle of mezcal, tequila’s huskier, smokier cousin (tequila has to be at least 51% Blue Agave, but mezcal can be made from any variety of maguey succulents, the heart charred before distillation). And even then, the worm wasn’t a traditional aspect of mezcal production, even though to this day, some misinformation endures about the virility and hallucinations you’ll supposedly get as a reward for your worm-eating bravery.  



Fugu is a poisonous fish eaten by Japanese. It can only be prepared by chefs who retain special license to handle fugu. The fish is not only toxic but also its appearance is not the most appetizing. That is why it is a wonder how delectable fugu can be, until you try it yourself.


Cuban Cigars

  Whether on a beach or on the top of a mountain, nothing like a good Cigar


Absinthe Miracle

  Absinthe has often been portrayed as a dangerously….  Although folks differ as to whether the bar serves the actual, mind-altering absinthe that was so favored in the 19th century (they’re licensed to make their own), it does cultivate an exotic ambience that is in keeping with the mysterious liqueur.