Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens 1812 to 1870

A literary genius

Charles John Huffam Dickens (7 February 1812 – 9 June 1870) was an English writer and social critic who created some of the world’s best-known fictional characters, and is regarded by many as the greatest novelist of the Victorian era.

Victorian writer, journalist, storyteller, editor, conductor, poet, artist

As writer:

30 novels, most famous:

*Sketches of Boz (nickname),1836

*Pickwick Papers (1836)

*Oliver Twist (1837)

*Nicolas Nickleby (1838)

*Old Curiosity shop (1840

*Christmas Carols (1843)

*David Copperfield (1849)

*The Mystery of Edwin Drood, his last unfinished one(1870)

As storyteller:

A diner at poplar walk, published in The Monthly Magazine, his first in 1833.

As editor:

*Household Words

*All the year round

*Harpers new monthly

As conductor/ actor:

*No thoroughfare

*Every man in his humour

*Clari, the opera

Famous characters:

*Uriah Heep

*Artful Dodger


*Little Nell


*Tiny Tim



Natural ingredients for food / Power of NATURE

Natural ingredients for the food and beverage industry


Natural ingredients for the food and beverage industry
“It is our mission to innovate food products by using the power of nature.”

Natural4Sure owns the unique 4Sure extract, which is the only available natural alternative for chemical sulphite. Sulphite is used as an antioxidant in a wide range of food products like wine, mushrooms, dried fruit, peeled potatoes, bakery, and salads. Natural4Sure owns the international patent of the natural sulphite replacer, 4Sure, has the permits and proof of concept. Major global food and beverages companies, like Castel, Distell and Oetker have shown their interest and want to start the tests. N4S seeks now a partner who will enable the company to grow the business and become an important innovative R&D and sales company.

4Sure versus sulphite

Sulphite is one of the top 5 allergens globally, which can result in skin disease, palpitations, anaphylaxis, and respiratory problems. 4Sure is a 100% natural ingredient based on Melissa Officinalis, Lemon balm, and has none of these allergic side effects. 4Sure does not have a negative effect on the taste of the product where it is used in. On the contrary in wine tastings, wine with 4Sure had a better review than wine with sulphite and was judged as good as wine without preservatives.

Market potential and customer interest

Sulphite is used in more than 20 food product categories, like wine, mushrooms, dried fruit, peeled potatoes, juices, sauces, nuts, seafood, and dairy products. The wine market is estimated to be € 255bn, the mushrooms € 43,5bn, dried fruit € 37,8bn and the peeled potatoes market only in the Netherlands processes 2 million tons annually.

And why is this product not in the market????

Food companies:

As long we do not have to declare (description on the packaging) the volumes of chemical sulphite, so that buyers are not aware of it, we choose profit and not health.

*Natural product is proxy € 0.04 each kilo cheaper.

A shame!




DJ_ F. NøIzE

F. NøIzE

Birth Year, 1987
Nationality, Italian

frenchcore, hardcore, industrial hardcore, oldschool, terror, uptempo hardcore.

His recognition as a producer came in 2012, through an underground label “HARDCORE MALICE” Which resulted in his first release (HCMallice 017) F. Noize Feat Glenix – Superman 2012

from then on he was discovered by the hardcore fans resulting in an unprecedented attention from the bigger hardcore labels

together with his DJ Skills, energetic appearance that can transfer the vibe perfectly to the dance floor are from that very moment a decisive act in themselves.

Go see his live set somewhere in this world.



Absinthe Miracle

Absinthe Miracle


Absinthe has often been portrayed as a dangerously….

Although folks differ as to whether the bar serves the actual, mind-altering absinthe that was so favored in the 19th century (they’re licensed to make their own), it does cultivate an exotic ambience that is in keeping with the mysterious liqueur.


Sake Dramshop

Sake Dramshop


If you’re sick partying . This is probably one of the event you might want to start trying out with your friends for a great time.

They are the only one that serves warm sake at the “UnderGround World”.

“Classy Social”



Yoji Biomehanika / Maestro of the harder edge of Dance music

Yoji Biomehanika / Maestro of the harder edge of Dance music


Yoji is the definition of a rock star trapped in a DJ’s body.
His powerful stage presence teamed with his unique style of dance music has made him one of the icons of the global dance movement.

In 2003-2004 Yoji Biomehanika, having already achieved rock star status in his country of Japan; took the world of EDM by storm.
This was a year that an underground and relatively unknown electronic music DJ from Japan, headlined Sensation Black,
among other top events, and became one of the phenomenon of the year in dance music.
Yoji went on to headline such festivals as Tomorrowland, Trance Energy, Street Parade (Zurich), Dance Valley and so many more,
and was launched onto the international DJ scene, entering the DJ mag top 100 at an astonishing #33.

Yoji spearheaded the evolution of dance music in many genre’s including NU-NRG, UK Hard House, Hard Dance and Hard Trance.
Any event dark and hard, was headlined by Yoji Biomehanika.

By 2007, Yoji feeling the artistic need for change, took a very different direction with his music,
and decided to drop ‘Biomehanika’ from his name, and took the music route to explore a side heavily influenced by Techno.

Now, 10 years after his arrival on the global stage. Yoji has decided to once more return to his roots,
and re-launch the Yoji Biomehanika brand, where he will once again dive into a melodic, powerful,
and euphoric sound he was once known for, influenced by and also influencing the evolution of Trance, Hard Style, and Hard Dance.

Those who have seen and heard Yoji have been stunned by his performance,
by his unique and often obscure but always-powerful track selection, along with his faultless and charismatic mixing ability.
Yoji is an enigma, a DJ that when you see, you will understand why so many love and respect him. generation!


DS Conspiracy AKA

DS Conspiracy AKA


DS Conspiracy D-Block & S-te-Fan

Are a Dutch hardstyle duo consisting of Diederik Bakker and Stefan den Daas.
First release was ‘DS Conspiracy – Dampende Track / Heavenwater _ impMUSIC 017’

Their first release as ‘D-Block & S-te-Fan – Fresh New Beat’ on Danamite.

In 2006 they became owners of their own record label, Next Chapter.
They gave up their own record label for a place at Scantraxx Recordz.
Here they soon got their own sub label, Scantraxx Evolutionz.
On January 22, 2011 D-Block & S-te-Fan gave their own X-Qlusive party

In mid-2014 they decided to broaden their musical horizons under the name DBSTF.
This led to “Beautiful World” at the end of 2014

They still make hardstyle under their original name