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Natural ingredients for the food and beverage industry


Natural ingredients for the food and beverage industry
“It is our mission to innovate food products by using the power of nature.”

Natural4Sure owns the unique 4Sure extract, which is the only available natural alternative for chemical sulphite. Sulphite is used as an antioxidant in a wide range of food products like wine, mushrooms, dried fruit, peeled potatoes, bakery, and salads. Natural4Sure owns the international patent of the natural sulphite replacer, 4Sure, has the permits and proof of concept. Major global food and beverages companies, like Castel, Distell and Oetker have shown their interest and want to start the tests. N4S seeks now a partner who will enable the company to grow the business and become an important innovative R&D and sales company.

4Sure versus sulphite

Sulphite is one of the top 5 allergens globally, which can result in skin disease, palpitations, anaphylaxis, and respiratory problems. 4Sure is a 100% natural ingredient based on Melissa Officinalis, Lemon balm, and has none of these allergic side effects. 4Sure does not have a negative effect on the taste of the product where it is used in. On the contrary in wine tastings, wine with 4Sure had a better review than wine with sulphite and was judged as good as wine without preservatives.

Market potential and customer interest

Sulphite is used in more than 20 food product categories, like wine, mushrooms, dried fruit, peeled potatoes, juices, sauces, nuts, seafood, and dairy products. The wine market is estimated to be € 255bn, the mushrooms € 43,5bn, dried fruit € 37,8bn and the peeled potatoes market only in the Netherlands processes 2 million tons annually.

And why is this product not in the market????

Food companies:

As long we do not have to declare (description on the packaging) the volumes of chemical sulphite, so that buyers are not aware of it, we choose profit and not health.

*Natural product is proxy € 0.04 each kilo cheaper.

A shame!