Wagyu Beef / Kobe (Steak) / Matsusaka Beef

Wagyu Beef / Kobe (Steak) / Matsusaka Beef


The most exclusive beef in the world


A wagyu (Japanese: 和 牛, wagyū) is originally a Japanese breed of cattle,

known for its very exclusive and tasty beef. …

Wa is an Old Japanese reference to the country of Japan,

or to business from Japan,

and one of the meanings of gyu refers to beef

“in a living sense”, or on beef cattle.

Yet there are still major differences in wagyu meat.

This is reflected in the scores of the Japanese Meat Grading Association.

They classify the meat from A1 to A5,

where A5 is the highest and most exclusive.

They pay attention to the marbling of the fat,

the color and clarity, the texture and the shine

One of the most expensive meats is Kobe meat from Japan.

Real kobe meat comes from the Tajima-ushi,

a certain type of Wagyū cow.

They are raised according to centuries-old Japanese traditions.

soothing music and massages of beer and sake

And the most expensive steak

In Japan they speak of the Sandai Wagyuu, the three big beefs.

Besides the Kobe beef, beefmi beef, from the Shiga province

and the unsurpassed Matsusaka Beef from black cows from the Mie region.

The latter is, according to many experts, the best of the three.

What is special about Matsusaka is that for the meat only cows

(so no bulls)

that have not yet been bred with are used.

So virgin meat.